At TanDao we use the term Evolving Martial Artist.  Who and what is an Evolving Martial Artist?

We are advanced practitioners from all styles dedicated to the life long pursuit of true mastery.

Martial arts is more than fighting. We explore the full spectrum of the martial path: self-defense, health, philosophy and meditation.  We challenge ourselves to be all we can be.

We are open to sharing, practicing and studying diverse techniques and knowledge to discover universal principles rooted in all styles.

Trying to perfect the infinite array of techniques is a challenging barrier to mastery.  We study the multitude of punches, kicks and strategies, and tactics  to discover the essential keys of movement.

We bridge traditional art and modern fight science to create a new vision of martial arts as a way of life.

 When practicing form, power is graceful strength. When fighting, power is brutal efficiency.  In living, we seek not to become powerful but to be a power.

We seek liberation from our ego that limits us from true mastery.

A tough opponent!  Success creates cherished beliefs that may become barriers to new growth. We are learning humility and are awake to our greatest enemy — ourselves.

Are you an Evolving Martial Artist?

4 Comments on What Is An Evolving Martial Artist?

  1. Tushar says:

    U r bst

  2. ofir says:

    you are true insparation! keep up the good work!

  3. admin says:

    Hi Ofir — How’s training? How’s life in Israel?

  4. Yamada says:

    What are these movements called? what are they for?

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