Master Lawrence Tan

Lawrence Tan has spent a lifetime seeking, and finding, the traditional secrets to martial arts mastery — and their practical, modern 21st century application.

The quest continues, with fifty years of experience that includes teaching, film fight choreography, actor, stunt man, writer and video director. He traveled to China and worked, studied, or met with many of the great masters, such as Cheng Man Ching, Wong Shun Leung, Chen Xiao Wang and Bruce Lee. Lawrence was also the Far East Editor for Inside Kung Fu Magazine.

By integrating Shaolin Animal Kung Fu, and Bruce Lee’s JKD, Master Tan founded the TanDao system. In addition to streamlining traditional kung fu for modern fighting, TanDao teaches martial arts for wellness. TanDao’s signature exercise, created by Master Tan, is the Universal Form, and both a book (Shambhala Publications) and a video (WellSpring Media/Weatherhill) on the moving meditation have been published.

A pioneer in the early days of martial art instructional videos, Lawrence Tan wrote, directed, and sometimes appeared in, titles such as Shaolin Tiger and Crane, and Wing Chun: The Science of In Fighting, with Wong Shun Leung, Bruce Lee’s teacher. Today, along with his partner in work and life, Toni Tan, their production company continues to create videos, ebooks, workshops and seminars for martial arts and wellness.

The TanDao website presents videos and information as a signpost for the martial way. The question you will be asked: Are you an Evolving Martial Artist?


Our symbol, the spiral, is one of the most ancient and universal of all images. It represents energy evolving from a starting point. A coil of power winding and unwinding with potential. Growth. Movement.

Martial arts is a way to liberate hidden power in an instant. In high level Chinese martial arts, the force of nature is expressed by the dragon’s spiral motion. Health and well being is also characterized by the same pattern of focused energy moving our thoughts and actions.


It is essential to realize ourselves in a whole way, and in TanDao we express it as the warrior, scholar and monk. All parts of who we are, spiraling and moving together in a constant state of seeking balance. Equilibrium is the path to mastery.


Our TanDao System takes a full spectrum approach to the martial arts. It integrates hard, soft and internal expressions of power with three styles:

*JKD, Bruce Lee’s science of street fighting

*Shaolin Animal Kung fu’s tiger and dragon claws, snake fangs, leopard paws, crane beaks

*Tan’s Dazzling Hands internal speed strikes to vital points – Dim Mak


The Evolving Martial Artist looks beyond the straight line to fighting — and the path becomes a martial way.

Our posts, podcasts, videos, ebooks, vbooks, classes and seminars, are designed to inspire, teach and entertain. Walk with us along your journey…