In our TanDao model, inspired by the Chinese philosophical principle of Heaven, Earth and Man, consciousness is represented as an equilateral triangle with a circle in the center.

In geometry, it is with three sides that an enclosure is formed and structure begins. For all things, it is the measure of possibilities. Building starts here.

Each points of the triangle is an aspect of who you are: the Warrior (body), the Scholar (mind) and the Monk (spirit). Each aspect informs the other and they are all interrelated. It is the integration of these three that balance you…and build your complete self. It is a great deal of work, and a constant challenge.

Oh, and that circle in the center? That’s the journey to the center of the triangle.

You can only travel there when you find the trinity. The circle at the center represents the 4th point, the door that opens into mastery.


Warrior, scholar and monk

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