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  1. John michael says:

    Real Kung Fu conceals strategic fight science within the flow of form . .I watch your instructional video’s over and over again to really understand the principles and Fighting Techniques.
    Thank You Master Tan

  2. Nico Carlo Lleno says:

    Just like, I wish you can come here in Philippines!!!
    By the way, Those techniques were great.

  3. Adam Foster says:

    I used to take JapaneseAamerican martial arts when i was a boy and have forgot all my training now as an adult, but when i came across the tiger style of fighting in your videos it really got me interested im very new at this style, and was wondering where the best place to start is? Sincerely, adam foster

  4. Chandu says:

    I would like martial art kung fu i love bodhidarhma

  5. tony wurman says:

    I am a proud student of Master Tan. As I have watched a lot of MMA; I have observed that many fighters cannot successfully utilize spinning techniques with the hands or feet because they don’t understand how to set it up. As you watch this Tandao video you can see how the switch step, steal-a-step and twisting stance, which are core techniques for maximizing the spinning back fist, will only work when the fighting distance and direction of force are aligned properly. Master Tan shows the secrets of this hidden technique with his free flow dragon stepping, and then again with the practice two-man movements. I would love to see a two man stylized sparring (like in old Kung Fu movies) as a third visual tool for understanding and bridging the gap btwn the classical movement and practical application. Fu-For-Thought!

  6. Yamada says:

    amazing hahhaah…he’s practising a 1000’s year old martial arts in front of a modern city. hahah, its just intense to look at..I love it!!

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