TanDao on December 18th, 2014

Bruce Lee incarnate! He’s called the Afghan Bruce Lee, and the resemblance and mannerism are beyond striking — he may be more Bruce Lee than Bruce Lee. Taking the concept “absorb what’s useful” to the next fully absorbent level, here’s Abbas Alizada with some Kabul kung fu from the ruins of a bombed-out palace in Afghanistan.  What do you think?

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TanDao on September 11th, 2014

by Toni Tan

9/11 – Time of the Turn


Two monoliths bridging Heaven and Earth -
Across the tranquil blue a
horizontal flash slashes into
vertical steel – symmetry collapses.
The red fire ball scream
Awakens Humanity’s plight.


Shattered lines tangle with mangled flesh
unleashing tears, fears and hate.
Shatters illusions of noble might.
Terror from smoky shadows
Shatters dreams of reason’s right
Awakens the global fight.


Fate’s tragic redemption
illuminates courage, love and sacrifice.
Hidden, a pearl of wisdom.
From smoldering rubble a tower reborn:
Rising twin beams
Awakening the light.

~Lawrence Tan

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TanDao on January 30th, 2014

Happy New Year!

May your spirit gallop wild and free…



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TanDao on December 18th, 2013

Want to add to your striking arsenal? Although most self defense employ boxing and punching moves, kung fu animal techniques are overlooked. In this weeks Evolving Martial Artist video, I am introducing four unique techniques for extreme self defense. These effective fighting moves are concealed behind our TanDao Crane Form.

I realize that mma and modern fighters – focused on sport and steet combat – express disdain for traditional kung fu, karate and tae kwon do form or kata training. Fancy techniques that don’t work. Why bother?

This idea is not new. The traditional kung fu verse: “flowery hands and embroidered feet” – is a more poetic way of calling form techniques bullshit.

Things are not what they seem – so it seems.

Yeah, my crane form employs artistic movements – that is the Art. But I also show brutally realistic fighting – that’s the Science. The real stuff. Unfortunately, due to the eastern convention of secrecy, the martial science – the mma kick ass component – got diluted behind the stylized art over time.

Evolving Martial Artists get the edge by discovering realistic self defense techniques hidden behind fancy forms.

Check out our TanDao Newsletter. if you want to enhance your striking beyond kick boxing, wing chun and karate punching or seek to streamline your Shaolin and Hung Gar techniques.

We are here for you. Please share your comments, questions and criticism, so we can to serve you better.

Keep exploring and practicing and reassessing,
Lawrence Tan

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TanDao on December 13th, 2013

Greetings Companions on the Way,

We’re excited about this second episode of our Evolving Martial Artist series, Warrior, Scholar, Monk.

What’s the secret to true power? Strength? Strategy? Skill? Spirit? Everybody knows the answer – well, sort of.  If you go beyond echoing wisdom clichés and really use this principle as a guide, you’ll maximize your self defense skills and, more importantly, empower your life. Watch the video

And, as always, we welcome your feed back. Keep it coming.Learn more about the Warrior, Scholar, Monk Triad

Keep practicing and exploring,

Lawrence Tan


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