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Take your style beyond punching with new strategic principles for fighting efficiency.

Shaolin Animals and Bruce Lee’s JKD form the basis of TanDao Tiger Combat.

Develop your powerful tiger claw strikes with hand/finger exercises, diagrams, photos, and an updated action stance for practical self defense.

Enhance your skills and find the thread that ties all martial arts together.

Available for download on your favorite reading devices: Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch and computer.

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Fight like a tiger. Powerful. Graceful. Ferocious.

A practical fighting application for the tiger claw. TanDao TIGER self defense combines the best of Shaolin Animal Kung fu and Bruce Lee’s JKD with core techniques, solo and two man tiger drills, and specialized hand exercises. Go beyond punching – – and take your martial skills and techniques to the next level.

Master Lawrence Tan has designed an updated and unique tiger style:

* Develop a fierce tiger claw deadlier than the fist.

* Learn the TanDao 3 in 1 tiger technique for extreme self defense.

* Adapt our powerful tiger claw fighting application to maximize your present style.

Get the martial edge!

TanDao Tiger Combat/36 minutes

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  1. Schoenwald says:


    I´m from Germany and I´m interessted in your TanDao animals kung fu.
    Do you have DVD´s from your snake, crane, tiger, tandao fight lab … I see in youtube??
    If you have these DVD´s where can I buy them?? What is the price??
    Please send me the webside I can order the DVD´s.

    I´m looking forward for your answer.

    Regards Rainer Schönwald

  2. Michael Sobieralski says:

    Hello, another german here 🙂 I bought your TIGER CLAW video a couple of weeks ago and i would like to know what the diffrence is between the video and the E-Book (More techniques ? More combinations?)


    Michael S.

  3. tandao says:

    Michael S.,

    Thanks for your important question. If you are serious in mastering TanDao Tiger Combat you need both video and book. They complement each other. – practice and theory. The video visually shows the correct form and application of techniques. This is only the tip of the ice berg. The E-book contains the secrets behind the techniques: the principles, tactics and strategies that make the tiger claw truly effective.

    How is your tiger claw training coming along?

  4. Michael Sobieralski says:

    THX for the answer. My basic tiger claw training is coming along just fine ( Damm those claw push ups are hard:) ) I guess I`m gonna buy the e-book in a couple of weeks … can`t afford it atm. 🙂


    Michael S.

  5. Tran Van Sinh says:

    Good evening Tan Sifu,
    I am very interested in your lessons on Youtube, I will order your DVDs and Books soon ^^
    Kind Regards

  6. Donnie says:

    I’ve been studying the ebook and video on tiger combat; it’s excellent. Im curious about the red vbook, may I ask about the content? Thank you for your time,


  7. tandao says:

    Hi Donnie,

    This is a an overview guide for a martial artists journey from hard JKD kick boxing, Shaolin Five Animal kung fu styles and internal Dazzling Hands. What is unique is instead of photographs to illustrate the ideas, we have short video clips. You can study the execution of the techniques. So the text covers the concept of Evolving Martial Artist and the three stages introduces animal techniques, mobility and fluidity and intercepting punches . etc.

    Most important you can study the proper execution of the stages of martial arts by analyzing the movements.

    TanDao For Evolving Martial Artists is a reference book that can accompany you over the years as you grow as a martial artist. You can gain different insights into the meaning of movements as you progress over the years.

    If you are advanced you can study movements to enhance your tiger claw or any style – if you already know how to analyze and adapt different movements.

    Since this is the first martial art v-book ever, it may well be a collector’s item one day.

    Master Tan

  8. Donnie says:

    Master Tan,

    Thank you for the clear, concise explanation of what sets the Tandao vbook apart 🙂 I hope to correspond with you soon. In the meantime, well-wishes to you and yours and the work you do,


  9. Ryan says:

    Hello Master Tan i wanted to ask can anyone learn of any age or fitness level i always had a interested in The Kung Fu Animal forms alot of people have told me it is just outdated and useless in a real fight they keep telling me to do mma or hapkido.

  10. admin says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Anyone can learn as long as you intelligently adapt the training method so that it is appropriate for your age and fitness level.

    You do not need forms to learn how to fight, but, if you want to learn true martial arts, which goes beyond fighting — with its philosophy, art, healing and meditation, then you need forms.

    Master Tan

  11. Noobie says:

    Dear Master Tan

    I’m interested in the Tiger claw style.
    What is the difference between the Tiger Claw DVD sold at Amazon and the Tiger Claw Video available for download?

    Are they the same?

  12. tandao says:

    Hi Noobie,

    They are the same, except one is a DVD and one is an instant download. The download costs a bit less.

    Master Tan

  13. Eric says:

    Shifu Tan, I was watching your videos and I have Trained in Five Animals, Kyokushin Kai, Shorinji and Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do. I find so many of your techniques familiar, yet have more flow than many of those I have been by others.

    Are you in the Los Angeles area and what are the times and dates when you teach? I enjoy watching your ability to explain Fa Jing it reminds me a lot of the teaching of Earl Montigue.

  14. Lawrence Tan says:

    Eric, Thanks. I enjoy teaching those like you who have a varied background in different styles because you can appreciate and see the different influences on my TanDao Free Flow movements. I am not in Los Angeles. Please keep watching for our new Evolving Martial Artist videos and join TanDao Newsletter to keep abreast of my teachings. Stay in touch!
    Master Tan

  15. anshul singh khair says:

    I am indian and proud to be so. i saw TanDao fight lab video and i am now a fan of your team,and now of thinking for some good books and DVDs, please send the information about this in my EMAIL Id …..
    “I am very thankful to you” DHANNYAVAD’ 😀

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