Tough Guys

admin on September 13th, 2013

We know Bruce Lee’s famous retort: “boards don’t hit back”. His comment was a warning: having the power to break a board doesn’t mean you can use it against a live opponent. Well, heavy bags don’t hit back either. The heavy bag is an essential piece of equipment for developing knock out power and penetration. […]

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TanDao on March 17th, 2013

How do we write a single post that both celebrates St. Patrick’s Day and combines TanDao fight science? Hmmm? Toni came up with a great idea that bridges that old east/west dichotomy: kung fu fighting to an Irish tune, Rocky Road To Dublin. And to add to that, her solution was to use one of […]

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TanDao on March 1st, 2013

What does power look like? Projecting to the world that “I’m a tough guy not to f**k with” appeals to some martial artists. But to those initiated into martial virtue (wu de) – the underlying moral and spiritual essence of the martial way – the ideal of a martial art master is different. Ultimately, It’s […]

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TanDao on February 18th, 2013

One of our goals at TanDao for Evolving Martial Artists is to bridge the gap between modern fight science and traditional martial arts. In our latest TanDao fight lab, Dragon Fighting, John and I demonstrate practical application of our TanDao Dragon Form. Obviously, all self defense responses are executed only after avoidance and escape are […]

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TanDao on December 13th, 2012

As a martial artist, I appreciate the extraordinary boxing skills of Manny Pacquiao. In his last fight he suffered a stunning 6th round knockout to Juan Manuel Marquez. This fall of a great champion provokes thoughts on the martial arts path. Often fans are perplexed that the champ doesn’t retire with a perfect winning record. […]

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