TanDao on December 7th, 2013

The Evolving Martial Artist –our new web series is out!
C’mon and evolve with us….

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TanDao on November 5th, 2013

Today weekend seminars that specialize in gun and knife disarms are common. These seminars are “fun.” Fun? What do you mean? This is life and death. Exactly, it can be deadly – for you. Decades ago, I studied under Sifu Chan Poi (Grandmaster of Wah Lum Northern Mantis) traditional kung fu weaponry: sword, staff, three […]

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TanDao on October 22nd, 2013

One of our Facebook fans asked this relevant question: How does one train to prepare for the real violence that happens in the world? First awaken to the fact that violence is ugly, brutal and always bad karma – even for the victor. Here are six points to give serious consideration to: 1. Walk Tall: […]

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admin on September 2nd, 2013

I recently viewed an internet martial art video made by a young master – as he calls himself. A truly contemporary master. No gi or kung fu uniform, not even athletic sweats; he wore casual shorts. A young woman, who seems at best, a novice, demonstrated self defense against his two arm front choke. Excellent […]

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TanDao on August 20th, 2013

The traditional southern Shaolin salutation an open left hand covering a clenched right fist is a traditional sign of respect routinely performed at the beginning and ending of a kung fu form. This hand gesture also has symbolic meaning. One of the essential ideas encoded behind this physical salutation is best expressed by Theodore Roosevelt’s […]

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