TanDao on December 7th, 2013

The Evolving Martial Artist –our new web series is out!
C’mon and evolve with us….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLH7KlC8Fo8

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admin on September 10th, 2013

In the mid seventies, while studying Damo Animal Kung Fu in Taiwan, Master Li Min-Ching showed me secret dragon stepping techniques. A series of quick steps employing an intricate pattern of movement using traditional twisted stance. It was impressive as far as chop socky fantasy fighting goes. Otherwise it was bullshit! As a student of […]

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admin on September 6th, 2013

Working with Wong Shun Leng Imagine:  having the opportunity to spend a year working with the master who taught Bruce Lee kung fu. Awesome! In 1982, I wrote and directed the first video on Wing Chun – The Science of In Fighting, with Wong Shun Leung. He was one of Grandmaster Yip Man’s inner circle […]

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TanDao on August 2nd, 2013

Received a comment and question from Ofir, who is part of our growing TanDao Clan: “Hi Master Tan, you’ve got great clips, very inspiring, I’ve got a question: how do you bridge the gap between Bruce Lee so called anti-forms theory and 5 animals kung fu forms that you show?” Great question! There is a […]

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TanDao on March 17th, 2013

How do we write a single post that both celebrates St. Patrick’s Day and combines TanDao fight science? Hmmm? Toni came up with a great idea that bridges that old east/west dichotomy: kung fu fighting to an Irish tune, Rocky Road To Dublin. And to add to that, her solution was to use one of […]

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