The Evolving Martial Artist is unleashed! C’mon….Evolve with us!

Here’s our first episode….The Great Equalizer.

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3 Comments on Evolving Martial Artist Unleashed

  1. Bob Ellal says:

    Absolutely great! Master Lawrence, wonderful breakdown of modern application of a traditional strike. Great for someone like me with joint issues. Toni, great production as usual. I’ve already shown this equalizer to a lady friend. Probably a mistake, might get one in the eye if I torque her off again!!!!

    BTW–man, M.L.–your speed is absolutely smoking!!!!

  2. Lawrence Tan says:

    Thanks Bob. Anything that you would like to see or for me to focus on?

  3. Bob Ellal says:

    Yes, Master Lawrence–the use of the elbow as a finishing strike to temple or jaw. Say after one picks off a punch and ricochets the crane head strike to the nose you showed me; perhaps with the most effective grab and step to make it a surefire finishing strike. Thank you, M.L.

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