The Ultimate Technique?

At last! Toni and I have been busy with our new web series. We are excited to announce that our Evolving Martial Artist is about to premiere.

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I will reveal the Ultimate Technique. Well, sort of.

I’ve spent over five decades in the states and Asia practicing and exploring different fighting styles like karate, jkd, tae kwon do and Shaolin kung fu. After all these years immersed in the art and science of striking, I realize what experienced martial artists discover – there is no Ultimate Technique. Sorry.

At the same time, there is a technique that requires little strength and is effective against a bigger and stronger opponent. It is perfect for a smaller and weaker defender in an extreme self defense situation.

Is it a kick, a punch, a choke out, a joint lock?

In TanDao we call it the Great Equalizer. It is a common technique known to all but few martial artists train to use it. It is an advanced technique that requires specialized training to make it practical. But for a life and death encounter, it is the Great Equalizer.

Do you know what technique I’m referring to?

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Keep practicing and exploring,
Lawrence Tan

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